Personal Development

My One and ONLY 2019 Resolution


It’s the process of writing that sweeps out the cobwebs for me. The broom can stay in the corner. The dust can linger on the shelves. Give me words and my soul shines.


I’ve decided to write every day this year. I know I can accomplish this because I am always near a computer or my phone or a piece of paper or a roll of toilet paper. I will write with chalk on the sidewalk if that’s what it comes down to. But this year, I will reclaim my words. I will unearth my creativity with my writing. …

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There is always time left to become who you are intended to be.


I remember with alarming clarity every Deciding Moment in my life since I was in 8th grade.


I grew up about 30 miles east of Cleveland, Ohio and in 8th grade my BFF Ami and I decided we were moving to Tucson, Arizona when we graduated from high school to go to college at the University of Arizona. I KNEW in my heart that I was going to do this. As the years went by I stayed with this vision even when I had to change high schools for my junior and senior year. Even when my guidance c…

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