My One and ONLY 2019 Resolution


It’s the process of writing that sweeps out the cobwebs for me. The broom can stay in the corner. The dust can linger on the shelves. Give me words and my soul shines.


I’ve decided to write every day this year. I know I can accomplish this because I am always near a computer or my phone or a piece of paper or a roll of toilet paper. I will write with chalk on the sidewalk if that’s what it comes down to. But this year, I will reclaim my words. I will unearth my creativity with my writing. When I look back on things I have written in years past, I am honestly shocked.

Who WAS that woman??

Where on earth did she get those IDEAS?

How did she find time to express them?




The ability to be articulate, I believe, is akin to the ability to balance on one leg. Use it or lose it. We must use our voices, use our words, to express ourselves and to communicate our truth. In written or oral form, our story is meant to be shared. The communal human experience depends on our insistence to verbalize our emotional landscape and our intellectual endeavors.


Lest I forget how to spell…I will continue to write. And to speak. And if my words can positively impact one person, I will consider my day a success.


I can see how I have been living in the cave of Fear:

What will they think?

Who cares anyhow?

Who am I to think I have anything original to share?

What if they reject me?


These are the unspoken fears of the Unspoken.


Those of us who speak have another set of woes:

Why are they so hateful?

How could I have said that better?

Where will I be better received?

Is it ME?


2019 for me, shall be a year of greater compassion, unleashed creativity, and a renewed sense of purpose.


These are not vague intentions, because I can measure each act, every sentence, and every thought against the current state of affairs and my future goals of compassionate, creative, and purposeful language and action.


Some days it may 3 words. Some days it may be 3 pages.

Everyday will be meaningful.


This is my 2019 resolution. It feels energizing. It feels worthwhile. It feels relatively monumental. I will have no agenda. Simply to write.

It may be about Fitness/Nutrition/Wellness….and it may be about the political situation in Yemen.

I hereby give myself permission to write about whatever I damn well please.

It’s my website and my blog after all.


I’m tired of trying to please all the strangers.


I need to write.


And here we go…..



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